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MOULa 6 Years OnLine Anniversary?

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afbeelding van Max
Lid geworden op: jan 28 2012

I've not been around here, there or anywhere for some months now. So this might
have been mentioned in some context without me noticing...

Anyhow, MOULa has soon been OnLine for 6 Years! On February 8th. to be specific.
I remember this, as I co-arranged something last year [hmm... can't remember what
it was now. but I really hope it was a bit of fun...]
I've mentioned this on MOULa Forums, and in our "Nexus Skype Group". And I think
AlanD of RFD is trying to arrange something, a Musical Sunday [on Feb.7th] perhaps.
[This might also become a part of a CavConAwareness Event, but I'm not involved
in any plannings of that or any else kind of stuff!]

Is there still a bit of energy left in the GoMe'z to celebrate this in some way?


afbeelding van Nev'yn
Forum moderatorMagazine teamCavern CrierMessenger
Lid geworden op: nov 15 2011

While I fully support the guild helping out with this...I have my own Moula project on the 20th. Sadly, I can only divide my time so far. That being said, hopefully another guild member will step forward to work with the community to make an even more dynamic and exciting event.

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